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Appointing new MALC board members

A general call for self-nominations will be sent out widely through SCLS email lists and publications.   Current MALC board members are encouraged to forward the message to other lists, and communicate with colleagues about their willingness to serve.  

The current board will spend a meeting reviewing the lists of all SCLS member libraries of all types, and identifying a proposed board list for the coming year.   Any responses to the call for nominations, or recruitment by MALC members, will be considered at this time.   The new board will consist of 11 members.  There will be two representatives from each of the four types of libraries listed below.  In addition to those eight, three members will be selected as at large members*.To stagger the terms, one representative will be selected from each type of library each year, and serve a two year term.  

Current board will then contact potential new members.   MALC members need not be library directors.  

*Following the initial selection of 8 members, and agreement to serve, 3 additional at-large members, from any type of library, will be appointed by the existing MALC board, to ensure a geographically diverse board.   These may be one or two year terms, as needed, in order to keep the terms staggered.    

Terms will be for September-August, with new board members beginning their duties at the September meeting.   However, new members are encouraged to attend the last meeting in the spring as an introduction to the board.  


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