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MALC Minutes
January 2010

In attendance

Jean Anderson, SCLS; Vicky Billings, PCPL; Cynthia Bachhuber, Globe University; Amy O'Shea, Wisconsin Veteran's Museum; Jennifer Friedman, Mendota Mental health Library; Julie Gores, Madison College

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. Jean Anderson chaired meeting as Peggy Smith, Chair, was absent. Vicky Billings volunteered as note taker.


Minutes from the October 7, 2010 meeting were approved by consensus.

Governance Update

As of 1/1/10 the new governance structure was in place.  On 1/7/10 the Administrative Council will meet for the first time.  Dates for the ILS, Technology, and Delivery Committees, and the Administrative Council, are all listed on the SCLS calendar. MALC has representatives on the Administrative Council – Julie Gores;  the Delivery Committee – Jennifer Friedman; and the Technology Committee – Peggy Smith; but will not have a representative on the ILS Committee.

MALC Collaboration Summit

We have not received any acceptance letters as yet so Jean has not contacted any speakers because funding for them would be an issue.  Therefore, Jean is working on a Plan B, i.e. what if we have no speakers scenario.  The Summit would still be held on Tuesday 5/18/10, in the Evjue Commons at the Olbrich Gardens.

Jean would like to build a “Contacts Directory” which would list applicable libraries, names, phone numbers, addresses, and indicate what each library has available to the public.

Jean is asking committee members for ideas for the Summit.  If we don’t have speakers, then what would we do?  How would we arrange the day?  Do we have ideas for the panel discussion? We need a way to communicate with Jean and each other.  NING was suggested as a possible tool, Googledocs was also mentioned. 

In December Jean met with the State Agencies Libraries and spoke of the Summit.  These librarians seemed interested in attending the Summit and being a part of the panel.

Jean also mentioned Jamie Matczak as a potential speaker from a different multitype organization. 

SCLS Report

Jon Mark Bolthouse is the new Technology Projects Manager for SCLS.  He started 1/4/10.  Jon is replacing Lauren Blough who retired.

SCLS Director, Phyllis Davis, will retire this June.

KOHA implentation target date is still Labor Day 2010.

Library Legislative Day is February 16.

All 52 SCLS public libraries signed the agreement for the Governance structure, which went into effect as of 1/1/10. 

SCLS will have an Open House on 1/21/10 to celebrate their new home.

Upcoming CEs include:  CCBC Shorts; Brain Snack about Overdrive; Teen SLP Workshop; College of Dupage offerings include: (1/29/10- Making the best of a shrinking budget; 2/19/10- Cataloging: Where are we now?; 3/12/10-Information literacy education).  There will also be a facilitation workshop on 2/9/10 in Stevens Point and on 2/10/10 in Madison to help people work with the new governance structure. 

We will be publicizing the MALC Scholarship.

Sharing Library News

Julie Gores, MATC, had lots to share, among other things:  their enrollment is up 19%; have purchased many new products; use gaming in the library for technological literacy, had Fantasy Football and will have World Cup Soccer this Spring.  Started a Skype reference service.  Purchased NetBooks for students.  Revamped their web page.  Also use CREDO reference service and the Films on Demand program.   Are working with some public libraries on acquiring EReaders for patrons.

Amy O’Shea, Veteran’s Museum mentioned they have lots of duplicate books and is trying to figure out what to do with them. Better World Books is one organization that deals with quantity of books, or, Amy just might have to recycle the books. On the weekend before Memorial Day, they will host a “Welcome Home to Vietnam Veterans” at Lambeau Field.  The Vietnam vets have been overlooked, so the Museum wanted to hold a special event for them.  The Welcome event include music, appropriate literature and resources, and food.

Jennifer Friedman, Mendota Mental Health Library, mentioned that unfortunately, Mendota is part of a shrinking organization.  There is no book group right now but they will try to have one in summer.  The budget is really tight and three teachers were cut in her unit, so it is a tad depressing at Mendota.  Her clients are typically those who are not guilty by reason of insanity.  Also, a new ILS system is needed for Mendota.

Cynthia Bachhuber, Globe University, recently hired a new librarian for the campus.  Globe will be starting a Health/Fitness program.  They also have a subscription to CREDO reference service.

Vicky Billings, PCPL, mentioned there is quite a backlog in Technical Services.

Other information

Jean finished the meeting with a reminder that 2 at large people and 1 school representative are needed for the MALC Committee yet.

Next meeting is April 6. 

Respectfully submitted,

Vicky Billings, Portage County Public Library

For more information about Multitype Services, contact Jean Anderson.