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MALC Minutes
July 6, 2010

In attendance

Jean Anderson,SCLS; Amy O'Shea, Wisconsin Veterans Museum; Vicky Billings, Portage County Public Library; Peggy Smith, UW Business Library; Stef Morrill, SCLS

Meeting was called to order at approximately 10 a.m.


Minutes of the April 2010 meeting were accepted; approved by consensus

Committee Reports

Collaboration Summit Recap

Jean handed out a spreadsheet with the responses from the collaboration summit evaluations. There are currently 18 Ning Members. Jean will be working on the MALC Ning and directory this summer and would like to include highlights of the different collections.

Feedback from the summit included that there was too much sitting, if we do it again there should be more activity. The venue and the food were a hit and it was agreed that lunch is a must. Jean announced that we would be doing the summit again and there was talk of keeping it to a half day in the future with the summit ending after lunch. There was also discussion about MALC members meeting in a less formal capacity to network, somewhere besides 1st Thursday. Jean suggested we see the LSTA grant for ideas on a focus for the next summit.

Amy reported that volunteers increased at the Veterans Museum as a direct result of the Summit.

Peggy said the best part was to meet and talk with other librarians and it's nice to have a reason to meet.

LSTA Grant 2011

There is a multitype category with a $5000 grant for each project. The focus could be on a collaboration summit with the design and production of a web based resource sharing portal for MALC libraries. It seems that digitization of resources is a hot topic with multi-type libraries. There is a product called ArchivalWare, similar to Content DM, which can store digital collections and harvest others, it is a Koha sister product which is why it was suggested. A MALC summit could possibly focus on a collaborative use of this product so that we are all aware of the resources that are available at other multi type libraries.

The LSTA grant is due September 11th, 2010. Jean will do the writing in August and will keep the committee informed via email.

Potential Changes to Multitype Committee

Stef discussed the governance changes of SCLs, where the multitypes fit into that and how to make multitypes’ place in SCLS more effective.

Cooperation and continuous planning seem most important. There are two paths to take. Option 1:meet, talk and plan with multitypes or option 2: SCLS proposes changes such as annual/ biannual planning meetings (instead of committee meetings), work groups for smaller projects (Ning, summit, etc). MALC could have the same sort of representation to public library groups and report it on Ning to all multitype instead of just reporting to the committee. Biannual meetings (one would be similar to the Summit) with working groups reporting to the larger group and then working group meetings might be an option. Jean would be the Administrative Council representative and a liaison for other committees. Information would be shared via Ning and the email list. MALC will keep PBwiki and Ning in operation.

These changes are a work in progress and will continue to evolve.

SCLS Report

Library News

Vicky Billings, Portage County Public Library, reported that that summer library program has 1068 kids so far. PCPL hired a new youth services librarian, Nicole Ozanich. The annual book sale will be held next week.

Peggy Smith, UW Business Library, went to SLA in New Orleans in June. She participated in a poster session with a poster on insurance. The Business library has been quiet for the summer. The People Program is going on and the Millionaires Club for younger kids.

Amy O’Shea, Wisconsin Veterans Museum reported that LZ Lambeau was a great success with over 26,000 people attending the Saturday night ceremony. An exhibit, Rise of the Fallen, is currently open at the Museum.

Next meeting: October 5

Respectfully submitted, Amy O'Shea, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

For more information about Multitype Services, contact Jean Anderson.