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MALC Minutes
October 2010

In Attendance

Jean Anderson, SCLS; Cynthia Bachhuber, Globe University; Vicki Billings, Portage County Public Library; Jennifer Friedman, Mendota Mental Health Institute; Julie Gores, Madison College;  Stef Morrill, SCLS; Peggy Smith, UW Madison Business Library; Martha Van Pelt, SCLS

The meeting was called to order by Jean Anderson at 10:05 am.

Martha Van Pelt, SCLS, volunteered to take minutes.


Minutes of the July 6, 2010 meeting were accepted; approved by consensus.

SCLS Plan and Budget

Stef Morrill, SCLS, reviewed the SCLS 2011 Annual Plan with attention to the section on Multitype libraries and the proposed change in governance of the Multitype Advisory Library Committee.  She also referred to the use of Ning as a communication tool for its Multitype members.  Jennifer Friedman mentioned that the Mendota campus was blocking Ning.

Stef Morrill, SCLS, reviewed the SCLS 2011 Budget with attention to the section on Multitype libraries support.  Jennifer made a motion to approve the plan and budget.  The motion was seconded by Julie.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Proposed Changes to MALC

Stef Morrill then led a review and discussion of the proposed changes to MALC.  It was clarified that the proposal would have to be approved by both the Administrative Council and SCLS Board before it could be implemented. Cynthia made a motion to approve the proposed changes.  Vicki seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

SCLS Report

SCLS submitted a LSTA grant in the category of Enhanced Use of Technology to purchase Archivalware.

Jean announced that she had a date and location for the next Collaboration Summitt;  May 19th at the Lussier Family Heritage Center.  Marty Van Pelt, the new director for SCLS, began work on September 1.  The SCLS System Celebration was attended by over 120 people.  The Go-LIVE date for Koha is January 17th.

Library News

Julie reported that their West Campus opened in August and they are ready to roll out mobile library.  They are using Libanswer for text reference.  In January the libraries will be in charge of academic support services.

Peggy reported this is the first semester with sophomores enrolled.  They are getting new carpet at the library.  Several of the smaller libraries on campus have reduced hours.  Their hours have remained unaffected.  They are experimenting with electronic reserves.  Half of the MBA students received iPads with reserves titles loaded while half received print copies.

Jennifer reported that Mendota Mental Health Institute Patient's Library upgraded their ILS to Destiny.

Cynthia reported that Globe University hosted its first graduation.

Vicki reported that Portage County with the help of Shawn Brommer submitted a LSTA grant to install an induction loop in their meeting room.  They are also checking out energy meters to help customers calculate home energy use.  Jill Quinn will be their next author visit on October 14.

Respectfully submitted, Marty Van Pelt, SCLS


For more information about Multitype Services, contact Jean Anderson.