Delivery Network List T

Delivery Network Member (For:) System Delivery Hub (To:) Delivery Schedule
Taylor Memorial Library Winding Rivers MWF 1:55
T. B. Scott Free Library
Theresa Public Library Monarch M-F
Thomas St Angelo Public Library
Thorp Public Library Wisconsin Valley MWF 1:05
Thorp School District Wisconsin Valley via Thorp PL
Three Lakes Public Library Wisconsin Valley M-R 11:35
Tigerton Branch Library (Shawano City-County Library) Nicolet M-F 10:00
Tippecanoe Library (Milwaukee Public Library) Milwaukee County M-F 12:30
Tomah Public Library Winding Rivers MWF 2:20
Tomahawk Public Library Wisconsin Valley MTR 10:00
Tomahawk School District Wisconsin Valley via Tomahawk PL
Tomorrow River School District South Central via Amherst PL
Torkelson Memorial Library
Town Hall Library
Trempealeau Public Library Winding Rivers MWF 9:30
Turtle Lake Public Library Indianhead MTWF 10:15
Turtle Lake Schools Indianhead via Turtle Lake PL
Twin Lakes (Community Library) Kenosha County M-F
Two Rivers Public Library Manitowoc-Calumet M-F 12:00

Delivery Network List U

Delivery Network Member (For:) System Delivery Hub (To:) Delivery Schedule
Union Grove Public Library Lakeshores M-F
University of Wisconsin System Libraries
•UW-Baraboo/Sauk County - Savides Library UW-Baraboo MTWR 8:15
•UW-Barron County Library UW-Barron County MTWR 10:30 (Waltco delivery)
•UW Colleges Library Support Services (LSS) UW-Fond du Lac MTWF 8:10
•UW-Eau Claire - McIntyre Library
UW-Eau Claire

MTRF 9:05

•UW-Fond du Lac Library UW-Fond du Lac MTWF 8:10
•UW-Fox Valley Library UW-Fox Valley MTWF 12:45
•UW-Green Bay - Cofrin Library
UW-Green Bay MTWF 10:50
•UW-La Crosse - Murphy Library
UW-La Crosse MTRF 1:20
•UW-Madison Libraries
•UW-Manitowoc Library UW-Manitowoc MTWF 9:45
•UW-Marathon County Library UW-Marathon County MTWR 8:45 (Waltco delivery)
•UW-Marinette Library UW-Marinette MTWR 9:30 (Waltco delivery)
•UW-Marshfield/Wood County - Hamilton Roddis Memorial Library UW-Marshfield MTRF 9:55
•UW-Milwaukee - Golda Meir Library
UW-Milwaukee MWRF 9:45
•UW-Oshkosh - Polk Library
UW-Oshkosh MTWF 1:30
•UW-Parkside Library
UW-Parkside MWRF 11:20
•UW-Platteville - Karrmann Library
UW-Platteville MTRF 10:30
•UW-Richland - Miller Library UW-Richland Center MTRF 9:10
•UW-River Falls - Davee Library
UW-River Falls MTRF 10:55
•UW-Rock County - Lenox Library UW-Rock County MWRF 2:35
•UW-Sheboygan - Battig Library UW-Sheboygan MTWF 9:10
•UW-Stevens Point University Library
UW-Stevens Point MTWF 9:20
•UW-Stout Library Learning Center
UW-Stout MTRF 10:00
•UW-Superior - Jim Dan Hill Library UW-Superior MTRF 2:30 (Waltco delivery)
•UW-Washington County Library & Technology UW-Washington County MTWF 1:15 (Steve's Delivery)
•UW-Waukesha Library & Media Services UW-Waukesha MWRF 7:40
•UW-Whitewater University Library
UW-Whitewater MWRF 1:25
University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
•American Indian Studies Program Library UW-Madison MWF 11:25
•Astronomy - Woodman Library UW-Madison MWF 11:15
•Biology Library UW-Madison via Steenbock Library
•Business Library UW-Madison M-F 12:05
•CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center) UW-Madison via MERIT Library
•Chemistry Library UW-Madison MWF 11:55
TR 11:50
•College - Helen C. White Library UW-Madison M-F 10:55
•Data and Information Services Center (DISC) UW-Madison via Social Sciences Library
•Ebling Health Sciences Library UW-Madison M-F 11:40
•Geography Library UW-Madison M-F 11:10
•Geology and Geophysics - Leith Library UW-Madison MWF 12:15
TR 12:10
•Interlibrary Loan UW-Madison ILL M-F 3:00
•Journalism Reading Room UW-Madison TR 10:40
•Kohler Art Library UW-Madison M-F 10:45
•Law Library UW-Madison MWF 11:00
TR 11:15
•LGBT Campus Center UW-Madison TR 10:55
•Math - Kleene Library UW-Madison MWF 11:10
TR 11:25
•MERIT (Media, Education Resources, and Information Technology) Library UW-Madison M-F 12:15
•Memorial Library UW-Madison M-F 2:10
•Middleton Shelving Facility UW-Madison

MWF 11:45
TR 11:40

•Physics Library UW-Madison MWF 11:20
TR 11:30
•Robinson Map Library UW-Madison via Geography Library
•Schwerdtfeger Space Science Library UW-Madison TR 12:00
•SLIS (Library and Information Studies Library) UW-Madison M-F 11:05
•Social Science Reference Library UW-Madison M-F 11:20
•Social Work - Franks Memorial Library UW-Madison MWF 11:40
TR 11:35
•Steenbock Memorial Library UW-Madison M-F 11:55
•Water Resources Library UW-Madison MWF 11:30
•Wendt Engineering Library UW-Madison MWF 12:25
TR 12:20
•Wisconsin Historical Society Archives
•Wisconsin Historical Society Library UW-Madison M-F 10:45
Uptown Library (Kenosha Public Library) Kenosha County M-F 10:35
S 10:20
U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library

Delivery Network List V

Delivery Network Member (For:) System Delivery Hub (To:) Delivery Schedule
Vaughn Public Library
Verona Area School District South Central via Verona PL
Verona Public Library South Central M-F 8:30
S 7:30
Vesper Public Library South Central MWF 11:00
Villard Avenue Library (Milwaukee Public Library) Milwaukee County M-F 10:30
Viola Public Library Southwest Wisconsin TF 12:00
Viroqua Public Library Winding Rivers MWF 9:45
Viroqua School District Winding Rivers MW 10:00
Viterbo University - Todd Wehr Memorial Library Viterbo University MRF 1:30