Delivery Network List

Navigating the List

The Delivery Network Listing alphabetically lists all libraries in Wisconsin which currently maintain a delivery connection through the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Network.  This includes all school districts, academic and special libraries, Wisconsin government agencies, and correctional institutions. 

Modifications to the list are made as they are received.  Corrections, additions, deletions, or other changes can be sent to Tim Drexler. For the latest changes, please visit the SCLS Delivery Service blog, where you can browse the archived "Delivery Network Change" posts.

Libraries with multiple branches are listed in gray-shaded tables, in addition to separate alphabetical listings for each branch. When applicable, central branch libraries are listed as such, with their geographical location also provided.

Libraries with an alternate name are listed with a "see ________" link referring back to the name of the library by location or city name.

A printable version of the list (Adobe PDF icon PDF) is also available for download. Latest file version: July 12, 2017.

Items for libraries which are not included in the Delivery Network List must be mailed.  Such items sent through the delivery network will be returned to the sending library for further processing.

Routing label summary

All items sent via the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Network must be labelled with the following routing information legibly and prominently displayed:

A printable version of the SCLS Delivery ILL ("pink") label (Adobe PDF icon PDF) is available for use by ILL staff. The file is in PDF format and contains form fields to allow routing information to be entered electronically and then printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The file can also be downloaded and saved for later use, although changes will not be saved. A version of the same label file without form fields (Adobe PDF icon PDF) is also available.

Routing Labels for Schools

Many Wisconsin school districts (though not all) maintain delivery network connections through their local public library system.  These schools may receive direct delivery from the system delivery service, or they may have a delivery connection through their local public library.  In both cases, the delivery routing label should include the following information:

Where applicable, the following additional pieces of routing information should be included in the "Notes" fields of the routing label:

Other States

MINITEX provides delivery service to select libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, which are connected to the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Service Network.  Refer to the list of libraries on the MINITEX courier network to determine if you can send or return an item to MINITEX via SCLS Delivery.  If you have an item to send to a library but can not find the library in the MINITEX Delivery Network, then you must find another means of shipment, i.e. US Postal Service or commercial parcel/courier services.

More information

The Delivery Services Advisory Committee has developed a Delivery Service Best Practices for Library Staff (Adobe PDF icon PDF) covering routing, labelling, and packaging.

Statewide delivery network members are encouraged to review the Wisconsin Libraries Delivery Network Shipping and Use Guidelines.

South Central Library System member libraries can refer to the instructions on the information found on the SCLS Member Library Shipping and Use Guidelines page.