SCLS Member Library Delivery Service

Click on a county on the map to view delivery volume statistics, or use the links below the map to access more information for SCLS member public libraries.

Map of SCLS Wood County Portage County Adams County Sauk County Columbia County Green County Dane County Wood County Portage County Adams County Sauk County Columbia County Dane County Green County

SCLS Member Library Shipping and Use Guidelines

Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Service Network Use Policy
Labelling items for delivery within SCLS
Labeling items for intersystem delivery
Other types of items
Red Basket Pick-up

Volume Statistics

Adams County Portage County
Columbia County Sauk County
Dane County
and Madison Public Library
Wood County
Green County SCLS System
A note on delivery volume estimates for SCLS Libraries

Other Services for SCLS Member Libraries

Link Express Service

Story Kits

Who should I contact?

The general delivery e-mail and phone number, (608) 266-6039 (Toll Free: 855-872-3218), can be used for most typical requests or questions. The general address and phone lines are monitored every day regardless of staffing, and provide the quickest reponse for timely requests (extra red baskets, notification of extra pick-ups, yellow post-its, etc.).

Other questions and concerns can be directed to the primary SCLS delivery contact person for your stop, based upon which route serves your location.  If you are unsure who your contact person is, please refer to the SCLS system delivery route list to determine whom to contact.  Please note that response time can vary depending on office availability of individual staff members.