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Printing Guidelines

Under SCLS printing guidelines, libraries will not be charged for standard promotional or instructional materials for LINKcat or Speak Up for Your Library materials. However, SCLS does reserve the right to limit the number of copies per request.

For other printing requests, SCLS will provide free printing for each member library, up to a specified annual total. Those totals are:

Printing costs and reimbursements for Madison Public Library and its branches are covered through other agreements, so Madison will not be subject to these specific annual totals.

SCLS will determine printing costs as follows:

For printing done on SCLS copiers, there may be additional charges for finishing work like folding, cutting, stapling, or assembling into pads. These additional costs will depend on the particular job.

Summer Library Program Printing Details

SCLS will continue to print some Summer Library Program (SLP) materials at no cost for member libraries, but there are quantity limitations. Printing in excess of the quantities outlined below are charged against the library's annual total (above).

Libraries can request printing quotes if desired.


For more information about printing services, contact Deb Haeffner.