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System Director’s Report:

June 2005

I always enjoy this time of year. Last night was Midsummer Night’s Eve, tonight is the full moon, and Venus and Jupiter are two of the showiest objects in the evening sky. Couple that with warm breezes and fireflies, and I may never come indoors again.

Oh yes, about libraries. The Assembly passed the budget with the Governor’s recommendations for Systems and for Badgerlink, and now everything goes to the Senate. There are several bills of concern in process, including one to limit the videos children can check out, and another to do away with the maintenance of effort requirement for system membership. Fortunately, many concerned members of our library community are addressing these as we speak.

As for my own part, I will be out of the office until July 5th. I have absolute confidence that Phyllis and the staff (including Mary Wepking, our new CE Coordinator, who started just this Monday) will handle any crisis with efficiency and poise. I therefore suggest that you do as I intend, which is to simply relax and enjoy these days of high summer.

See you July 11th.