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System Director’s Report:

August 2005

Ann and I went to New York last week to see our daughter. We flew out just after the thunderstorm and shortly before the tornados, and thus spent a fair amount of time on the phone in our hotel room checking if friends here were ok. A week of museums, a boat tour, shopping, and trips to Chinatown and Connecticut left me (as always) in awe of the big city, but very happy to get home. The cats, who felt sadly neglected, appeared to agree.

Today I came in to some 400 emails, and a calendar that mysteriously filled up with meetings during my absence. I was going to include the rough draft of the strategic plan in my report this month, largely as a way of getting out of writing anything else. Fortunately for us all, members of the committee came up with a host of great ideas that need to be incorporated before it is ready for prime time, and we also need to seek out and include the input of the members.

The next major documents you will see, therefore, are the 2006 annual plan and budget. These will be forthcoming in late September and early October.

Until then, enjoy the last days of summer.

See you on August 12th.