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System Director’s Report:

May 2006

Library Legislation
At long last, both library legislative proposals -- SB 272 and SB 273-- have been signed into law by Gov. Jim Doyle. They are now Acts 420 and 226 respectively. Many library representatives, including our own Kristi Williams and Peter Hamon, were present for the signing of the reform bill and the commemorative group photo with the governor. I did not send holiday cards in December, but you can bet my legislators and the governor are all getting handwritten thank you notes for the bipartisan support of these measures.  

Meetings, Meetings
May has been a pretty intense meeting month for us. Sixty-five people, representing twenty-six libraries and a number of SCLS staff, attended the SCLS Annual Meeting at Olbrich Gardens on May 17. The SCLS Delivery Advisory Committee met on May 9th and Bruce Smith and I participated in the statewide Delivery Services Advisory Committee meeting on May 23. On the same day, several SCLS staff members from our automation and technology areas attended a statewide Information Technology meeting. Cheryl Becker represented SCLS at the statewide Spring Interlibrary Loan Meeting, the Green County, Dane County and Columbia County librarians’ meetings and at the Sauk County Library Board meeting this month. The LINK Budget Committee met and passed a 2007 budget recommendation for the LINK Director’s Council to act on in June. We also hosted a meeting of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium this month. The SCLS Marketing & Public Relations Advisory Committee held their quarterly meeting to continue work to develop targeted marketing information for our electronic databases. Several LINK subcommittees also met and the Migration Committee Proposal to form a 6-10 person committee for each Horizon module was discussed at each.
I appreciate all the effort put into coordinating and attending meetings and respect a well run meeting. Meetings can be very productive and, in a highly cooperative environment such as ours, they are a necessary part of our culture.  But there is no denying that even well-run meetings using conference calls can take a lot of time. Thankfully there will be no more meetings this month. It is 5:00 on May 31!

Library News
In response to the signing of SB 272, the Mt. Horeb Public Library will re-open service on June 1 to residents of the Southwest Library System, primarily those in Iowa County, living in areas without municipal libraries. At their June meeting, the Mt. Horeb Library Board will discuss the question of serving residents of SWLS who have municipal library service. The new legislation only requires reimbursement from county residents who live in areas without libraries.

The library in Cross Plains will close June 5 to begin the move to their new library building.

The foundation for the new library in Albany is being poured.
The libraries in Vesper, Albany and Black Earth are seeking new directors.

The City of Wisconsin Dells and the Village Board of Lake Delton are reviewing the proposal to form a joint library and may vote on the proposal at their June meetings.


The Associate Director position has been posted in the Wisconsin State Journal, Library Hotline and has appeared on a variety of online venues. Applications are due by June 22 and the first three came in today.

My New Computer

The coolest thing that has happened this month is that I got a shiny new computer. This is no special “Director” thing. Heidi and I were next on the list and actually a little overdue for new workstations. What makes this so special is that I now have two, count them, two, BIG monitors side by side. Our young technical staff, bless them, recognized that my trifocal baby boomer eyes needed help on the spreadsheets.  This is just the ticket. Stop by and see!

And I’ll see you on the 12th.