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System Director’s Report:

July 2006

Cross Plains Celebration

The grand opening of the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library in Cross Plains last Sunday was well attended despite the heat and humidity.  Media coverage highlighted the fact that the library is a “green” design, from the use of natural light to the use in the circulation desk and in a wall sculpture of wood from trees cleared from the site.  Shredded blue jeans are used as part of the wall insulation, but you can’t tell that by looking. Lights that look like bugs, bugs in the story room carpet and hoof prints and paw prints on the bookshelves contribute to the overall nature theme. The event itself was a warm celebration of the community and all who helped to make the new library facility a reality. It’s well worth a visit.


Bob Blitzke, Jodi Sweeney and I went to the Monroe Public Library Board meeting last night to talk about the SCLS Foundation. It was the first of several visits we have scheduled in the next few months to talk with member library boards about the foundation . It was exciting to present our plan and hear their questions and reactions. Bob will be on medical leave for about six weeks and we will try to keep the momentum going while he is healing. A copy of a recent article about Jodi Sweeney is included in your mailing.

Other Things

I was planning to write about the plans we have for using biodiesel fuel in delivery, the things we learned at WiLS World about technology and the future and give you an update on our timeline to install the Horizon automation system. That will have to wait. As soon as I give this to Heidi I am leaving for Ohio to be with my mother, who recently suffered a stroke. She is stable, but I want to be there and I am sure you will all understand.

I’ll see you on the 14th!



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