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System Director’s Report:

September, 2006

The 2007 SCLS proposed Budget and Plan probably gives you enough to read this month, so this will be brief.

When those of us who were immersed in the plan and budget for most of two weeks finally raised our heads, we saw that a lot of other projects have been underway, as well.

  • A well-attended “Teen Spaces” workshop and another on “Library Service to Low-Vision Patrons” were held here in September.
  • Automation staff members are moving ahead on the operating system upgrade project; the new part-time, limited term employee, Amy Rood is now on board; and several staff members are preparing to leave next week for the 17th Annual CODI (Customers of Dynix Inc.) Conference in Salt Lake City.
  • Several library building projects are underway with various levels of involvement by Deb Haeffner.
  • Bob Blitzke is back, so more visits with library boards are being scheduled to discuss the SCLS Foundation.
  • New director orientation visits and attendance at various meetings is ongoing.
  • Delivery is continuing to implement the route consolidation project.
  • Dan Jacobson has stacks and stacks of boxes with computers, scanners and other equipment in his office and surrounding areas to be staged before being installed at member libraries.
  • At least one more library has expressed interest in joining the Telus project.
  • The SCLS Board System Celebration Committee and many SCLS staff members worked together for another successful System Celebration.

I probably missed a lot, but hope this much gives you a feel for what’s been happening here this month.

If you build it…
The new hardware installed by Automation staff this summer finishes overnight processing so quickly that LINKcat now has expanded hours—7 a.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week. Even before the change was officially announced, 20 to 30 patrons were making use of LINKCat between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. After the additional hours were made public, that number has increased to 40 people. As the Madison blog said “Night owls, rejoice!”

See you on the 9th.

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