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System Director’s Report:

April 2007


After the beautiful weekend we just had, it is hard to come back indoors and back to work.  Many of our staff, including me, are attending the annual conference of the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL) in Eau Claire later this week, and several are making presentations there. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to spend time with our member libraries. And if the weather continues to be nice, it will be a great time to drive through the state. Maybe, being from Ohio, I appreciate it more than if I were a Wisconsin native. The drive from Madison to Eau Claire beats Columbus to Cleveland any day! 

The public hearings on the Governor’s budget bill are complete and the Joint Finance Committee has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, May 3, on some DPI issues including public library system aids. We should know more about that when we meet in May. In other financial news, we received notice that our second 2007 state aid payment will be transferred to our account today.

In your mailing are two items that need action at our May meeting: the 2006 Audit Report and the cataloging contract between Madison Public Library and SCLS (acting as the agent for the LINK consortium). The committee that worked on the catalog contract revisions was quite collegial and all of their revisions and recommendations were approved by the LINK Director’s council on April 12. 

You have plenty to read and I’ll see you on the 14th.