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System Director’s Report:

January 2008

The first month of 2008 has been plenty busy. Our automation staff turned out piles of year-end reports and submitted data from logs that monitor BadgerNet bandwidth use. This is being used to bolster our request to TEACH for additional bandwidth for twelve locations and the network head. Despite some nasty weather, Delivery was able to maintain its usual schedule, cancelling only a few routes on the 17th and 29th. Administration staff members have taken on additional duties to fill in for our retired Foundation Executive Director and the vacant Web Services Specialist position. The new Learning Express database was rolled out to the public, and continuing education workshops were offered on the topics of the Annual Report process and library security. And many of you joined us for a slippery Library Legislative Day.

Staff are continuing to make arrangements for the April 17 May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture, which will feature author David Macaulay. It’s quite an honor for SCLS to be chosen to host this annual event, and you can learn more about it, and reserve your tickets, by visiting On April 16 we’re sponsoring an all-day Building Blocks: Early Math and Science Literacy conference. It will introduce methods for seamlessly including math and science themes in library programs for young children and their caregivers. Shawn Brommer will share more information at our February meeting.

Several months ago we brought you a plan for Bruce Smith, our Delivery Services Coordinator, to handle sales of the ToteMaster cart for SCLS. The Board agreed in concept and we went to work on the agreements. Even when everyone agrees, it can still take a bit of time to work out the details. Finally, two contracts are attached for your consideration: a Sales Representative agreement between SCLS and Cart-Tech, LLC, and an agreement between SCLS and Bruce Smith, about how that work will be performed and how the profits (if any) will be distributed.

My first thought was that this should go to the Personnel Committee, but only one of the agreements involves personnel. Since they are so closely connected we are bringing both contracts to the whole board for consideration in February.

I’ll see you on the 11th.