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System Director’s Report:

February 2008

February is the month for completing annual reports, for both our member libraries and for SCLS. Cheryl Becker, Public Library Administration Consultant, has received copies of nearly all the member library reports for review. Luckily we have an extra day this month, so tomorrow we will carry copies of all the reports we have to the Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning (DLTCL).

I’ve also enclosed a copy of the SCLS 2007 Annual Report and Evaluation for your review. You will be asked to approve it at our meeting in March, though we must submit it tomorrow to meet the DLTCL March 1 deadline. We can submit an amended report if necessary.

Char, Stef and I spent several intense days preparing the financial portions of the report, which from my perspective are by far the most difficult. Our carryover figure looks better than the conservative estimate we used when we prepared the 2008 budget, but we will know better after the annual audit, which is scheduled for the second week of March. We had the first meeting with our auditor yesterday to begin gathering the information needed for that process.

Everything seems to be moving along except the winter weather, and who knows, we may have a break on that by the time we meet.

I’ll see you on the 10th!