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December 2008

When I wrote last month, a few days before Thanksgiving, the first snow of the season had just fallen. Today, a few days before Christmas, mountains of snow ring the parking lot and drifts are covering the bottom panels of my office windows.  As the rest of the staff handled the storms and everything else that had to be handled, I have been on vacation. With friends, I bicycled, kayaked, walked the beach, toured the Everglades, ate seafood and read the next three titles on my book club list. It was wonderful to be away, but I am glad to be back. Nothing in Florida can compare to the thrill of walking your dog at four below zero as the wind whistles around your ears.

We are sending your January mailing early because of the holidays, so I will keep this short. Next month I plan to talk about some of the big projects we have in store for 2009 and recap 2008.

Until then, Happy Holidays from all the SCLS staff. And, I’ll see you on the 12th.