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System Director’s Report

February 2009

Last month Stef did a great job reporting on the accomplishments the SCLS staff considered memorable or outstanding in 2008. With your mailing this month is our formal 2008 Annual Report, which includes a more exhaustive list of what was done last year and an accounting of how our funds were spent.  The Board will be asked to approve this report at our March meeting.

It seems appropriate to follow our look back with a look at what is ahead in 2009. You have heard about several of the things in this list, but it may still be helpful to review them.

One of the biggest changes for SCLS this year will be to negotiate a lease and move to new space to house the Administration and Automation staff, with a continuation of our sub-lease arrangement with the Wisconsin Library Association.  We are on target to sign a new lease by May. This will allow time for build out of the interior of the new space and a move before the end of the year.


The main task of delivery is always to maintain high-quality, day-to-day services, coping with fuel costs and increasing volume – “the routes must go out.” Through the work of our Fleet Manager and Mechanic, a goal for 2009 is to keep as many of our high-mileage vans on the road as we can. A major goal for this year is to renegotiate our contract with UW-Systems. We already know we will not reach our goal to get new funding for statewide delivery into the Governor’s budget.


The same thing that was said of Delivery should also be said for Automation, the main day-to-day task for our Automation staff is to keep the LINK system, the network, the PC’s and all the rest working. That being said, 2009 will have many big changes for our Automation services.

On behalf of the LINK consortium, we are very close to completing a contract with LibLime for extensive software development and support for our migration to the Koha open source system. Our staff has already been working closely with groups of our member libraries and with LibLime to define our needs for software functionality. As soon the contract is signed, the intense work of developing detailed timelines and specifications for the software and testing the products will begin. The LibLime support option that has been chosen involves another big change. The server for Koha will be hosted at their location and not ours. Implementing and coordinating this change will also be an involved project. Watch this (and lots of other places) for updates. We will also be changing out our e-mail and anti-virus products by the end of summer.


Technology Planning and Governance Review

Several processes already underway or scheduled for 2009 were identified as needs in the technology planning work that was done last year. They include re-examining the LINK governance structure and cost-sharing model and re-examining SCLS technology services delivery model. The results of these reviews of current practice and any changes in practice that  come out of them will be important as we move forward with the Koha project and the merger of our offices.

This is getting pretty long, so I will write about Administration plans for 2009 services next month. And I will see you on the 9th.