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June 2009

The Governor signed the biennial budget bill yesterday, which includes a statewide cut in public library system funding of $618,100 for 2010. About $515,800 of that amount is slated to be restored in 2011, which means public library systems in Wisconsin will be funded at about $102,300 less in 2011 than they are in 2009. For SCLS that means $85,000 less in 2010, with $70,000 added back in 2011. The net result will be a 2011 funding level that is $15,000 less than 2009. Though it will not be without pain, we have options that should allow us to get through the next two years without substantial service reductions. It could have been better, but it could have been much worse.
We received notification that the Technology Plan you approved at our last meeting was accepted by the E-rate Certified Technology Plan Approver in the Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning (DLTCL). We have until June 10, 2010, to submit a revised plan. Technology never stands still, though sometimes we might wish it would. Our administration staff moved to a different email client last week and from Office 2003 to Office 2007 the week before. Thank goodness for all the excellent support from our staff. Left to my own devices I doubt I would ever “find” the time, but with the schedules and deadlines they set, I have to “make” the time.
Automation staff recently signed off on our first software development specs for Koha. The first official LibLime Users Group meeting will take place at the ALA Annual Conference and it looks like a Wisconsin group will also be forming. Those using and interested in the Koha product in Wisconsin are meeting in conjunction with WilsWorld. The Charles and JoAnne Lester Library of Nekoosa recently decided to independently contract with LibLime for a Koha system.
Most of the walls in our new facility are framed and it looks like we may be able to move by the end of November. Stef and Deb have been meeting with the builders and electricians and bringing back pictures to share. As you can imagine, there is a lot to coordinate with a move and merger of two offices, including telephone service, high speed telecommunications and moving an entire server room. SCLS staff are meeting with movers this week, and last week there was a walk-through to see how our Delivery people may be able to help. We are looking forward to having our December board meeting and potluck in the new facility.
The Governance Task Force is in the process of developing a timeline for the creation and acceptance of a new governance model, ideally by the end of the year. There will be more to say about that when we meet on the 13th. Can you believe half the year is already over.