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System Director’s Report

August 2009

Construction on the interior of our new space is moving very quickly. Carpet is being installed and we should be able to offer an after-meeting tour on the 14th for those who are interested.

The application deadline for the Technology Projects Manager is tomorrow. We have about 100 applications at this point, and it looks like many were sent by people who are applying for every job they see. The interview committee has been recruited and we are getting ready to screen the applicants to choose those to interview in late October.

The Governance Task Force met earlier this week and Stef and I are busy editing and re-writing a series of documents describing all the proposed changes in detail. One of the biggest challenges is to craft an agreement between SCLS and each member library participating in the shared automated system to replace the LINK Consortium agreement that has been in place since the early 90’s. We are getting feedback that library boards will want to know what their costs will be and how they will be allocated before they sign. That seems reasonable, but we only have charges established for 2010, which used the formula we have been using for many years. Costs for 2011 and beyond may be changed with a new formula. We have proposed a process to come up with a new cost-sharing formula in 2010 for 2011 and beyond, so we may have to write the new contract to use the existing formula until a new one is in place. The system-wide meeting to make decisions on governance will be on September 18th.

Libraries are reporting that they had very successful summer library reading programs. Classes through the jobs grant are being held in many libraries. LSTA grants are being written. While library usage continues to grow, many are also reporting serious budget concerns, both in 2009 and 2010. And in Madison, the Mayor has announced his support of a new central library.

We’ll have more to share when we see you on the 14th!