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System Director’s Report

September 2009

Thanks to all Board members who attended the System Celebration on September 24th. Feedback we have informally heard seems positive about the shorter format and the venue. Pictures of the event and award winners are available on our web pages at

We have been busy making progress on all the projects mentioned last month. The final walk through for the new space was completed this week and we now have the keys. In your mailing is a copy of the sublease for the new space for WLA. The Facilities Committee will be meeting before our regular meeting to review it in detail, but since the whole board will be acting on it, you each have a copy for your reading enjoyment.

You also have copies of the 2010 Budget, the 2010 Plan for Service, and the two Resource Services Agreements that must be acted on by the Board and filed with the Department of Public Instruction by mid-month. The Budget & Finance and Personnel Committees will meet jointly next week to review it all in detail, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

There was a good turnout for what we called the Governance Conference II on September 18th. A copy of the program for that day is included in this mailing. There was general agreement from the member libraries to move ahead with the proposed governance structure, but some questions were raised and changes were suggested. The Governance Task Force will meet early next week to hammer out an agreement on those remaining items. Tomorrow, Stef and I will talk to our lawyer about questions related to the contract between SCLS and member libraries that would replace the LINK consortium contract. We are also preparing a question and answer document about the changes, and drafting a letter to member public library and county library boards to talk about the changes and their implications for their ongoing work with SCLS. We should be ready to share more with you when we meet.

I’ll see you on the 12th.