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November 2009

The biggest news for November is that we moved to our new office at 4610 S. Biltmore Lane, Suite 101, in Madison!

We have been building up to it for two years, so it is hard to believe the move is actually over. And it is amazing how smoothly everything went. When things go that well, it is in direct proportion to the quality of the planning and coordination that preceded the actual event. Every staff member contributed in some way and it was a pleasure to see how well, and with what good humor, everyone worked together. Stef, Deb Haeffner and Greg Barniskis deserve special recognition and thanks for the lead roles they played and the unique talents each of them devoted to this effort. Aside from a few glitches with telecommunications, which were quickly resolved once identified, things went according to plan. My sincere thanks go to everyone on staff for a job very well done.

As part of the move process, we recycled or shredded boxes and boxes of paper. I went from two filing cabinets down to one, and in the process I had to make a lot of decisions. Do we still need the RFP used in the 1992 Dynix selection process? How about promotional material for the Library Emporium? A folder of 1987 member library survey responses evaluating system services? Information about the 60 Books Project? An article about a librarian I don’t know who allegedly did some embezzling a couple of decades ago? As I said, boxes and boxes of paper.

It’s a unique opportunity for looking back and for looking forward. Many of the files I had were holdovers from Peter Hamon, our Director Emeritus. My favorite was his “Library Futures” folder, circa 1987. One article warned that—ready or not—“those shiny little discs (CD’s) will soon be coming to your library.” An article in the Library Journal for 11/23/09 that came to my desk the same week was titled “Bracing for Blu-Ray.” That seems to confirm the cliché that the only thing that does not change is change.

Some of our staff asked for history on Chester Pismo Snavely after we named one of the meeting rooms for him, so I wrote up what is attached and thought a few of you might be interested. We look forward to hosting the Board at our annual Holiday Luncheon. Please come early for the party. And if you can stay after the meeting, we will give you a tour.

We’ll see you on the 14th.