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December 2009

Yesterday we got confirmation that the last remaining “Agreement to Participate in Shared Automated Resources System” has been signed and is on its way to us. Elections are complete for every seat in the new governance structure and some of the new committees are set to begin their work next week. It feels good to end 2009 with agreements for organizational and governance changes wrapped up and their implementation just ahead. This pause between the old and the new also seems an appropriate time to thank member library directors and staff, local library boards, SCLS staff and the SCLS Board for your cooperation and help in completing our tasks within the targeted time line. Thank you all!

So, with our short-term future more or less organized, Stef and I spent a few minutes this morning talking about the long-term future for library services. She quoted a futurist, who recently spoke at a local corporation, saying that in twenty years printed books will be gone. That might or might not be true, but for the first time I believe it just might be possible. And, according to R. David Lankes, the director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, we might not even be asking the right questions about our future. Attached is an article about his ideas. I found it interesting and some of you might, too.

Have a Happy New Year and I will see you on the 11th.