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System Director’s Report
February 2010

I told you last month that LibLime, the company we contracted with for our new Koha automated system, was being acquired by Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS). Well, it was recently announced that the deal is not going forward after all. Both parties signed a non-disclosure agreement, so we don’t know the details about what kept the acquisition from being finalized. However, the CEO of LibLime is assuring us that they are re-dedicated to development and support of the Koha automated library system product. Software specifications and code are being released to us for testing, and development and implementation schedules still seem to be on track. Using the PTFS ArchivalWare product at some time in the future is still a possibility for us, and that product will be demonstrated for some of our staff in the next few weeks.

In another change of direction, Delta Storage learned that another party made an accepted offer on the property where they had hoped to build our new garage facility. We are not sure about availability of alternative properties, but one possibility is to reconsider the current Delivery parking lot for the new garage. We will keep you posted.

Last week’s Library Legislative Day was a success, and in contrast to some years, all the streets were passable. Our goals of having at least 25% of our libraries represented and an increased number of participants from the SCLS area were met. The large contingent of young adults from Baraboo was a big factor in our increased numbers. Thanks also to the SCLS Board members who attended, especially those who attended for the first time.

We got very good news late last week. Wisconsin has received one of several national Recovery Act grants for broadband development. The state’s project will expand broadband internet access to 385 Wisconsin libraries. The Wisconsin Department of Administration will administer the grant, and we have heard that trenching to lay fiber will begin as soon as the ground thaws. This project will allow our public libraries to enhance access to the internet for all the people they serve.

The SCLS Annual Report for 2009 is included in this mailing for your review. Each October, SCLS is required to submit a plan to the Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning (DLTCL) describing our plans for services and spending in the upcoming year. After the close of a year, we are required to report on what actually happened and what was actually spent in the previous year. You can see that the report on accomplishments is more of a check off than an exhaustive report, but it does give a good overview of the wide range of services SCLS provides. The financial accounting is more complex and is affirmed or adjusted by our annual audit. Stef and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about it.

And, there may be more late-breaking developments to report when we see you on the 8th.