System Director’s Report


April 2010




Since this will be my last report to the Board as SCLS System Director, I feel that I should say something particularly sage or important, but I am drawing a blank. This may be because I have a feeling of unreality about the whole thing right now, or, more likely, if I ever had anything sage or important to say, I have surely said it by now.


For inspiration, I went back to read the March 2006 director’s report, my first as the “official” SCLS System Director. That report began with thanks for all who sent good wishes, congratulations and expressions of confidence and support upon my appointment. I can’t think of a better way to begin this report. I want to express my sincere appreciation to all who have served on the SCLS Board, the SCLS staff and all the other wonderful people who make up the SCLS and Wisconsin library communities for helping me along. You’ve been great!


We hosted a visit last week from our new Koha project manager, Patrick Jones from PTFS. Our ILS staff is working closely with him to track exactly where each piece of our development stands. One complicating factor, of which we were all aware, is that more than one version of the Koha software exists. Since the acquisition of LibLime, PTFS has been analyzing our needs and the existing software to determine which version will require the least software development to meet our needs. Patrick is scheduled to be back here for another visit on May 13, when he will also get to meet some of the staff from our member libraries.


Our Technology team is deep in planning for the rollout of Office 2007 software and working with member libraries to update their equipment so it’s compatible. We have also been working with the Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning to try to add more of our libraries to the BadgerNet fiber grant, and to gather the additional information they need as the project moves toward installation. The Delivery budget for 2011 is out for review by our advisory committees. Planning is moving along for both our May 18th “Multi-type Summit” and for the May 27th “All-Directors” meeting of the Administrative Council.


Many SCLS staff members are leaving today to take part in the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries conference in Sheboygan. I will join them tomorrow and we will have plenty more to share when we see you on the 10th.