System Director’s Report

May 2010

If your packet seems extra thick this month, I apologize.  The stars have aligned to give us more than the usual number of things for action:

·         As we’ve mentioned in previous meetings, one of our libraries, North Freedom, is currently out of compliance due to a certification issue with the director.  Unfortunately, this issue cannot be resolved until the needed class is offered, which isn’t until Spring 2011.  In your packet is a plan to bring the library back into compliance, including some sanctions at appropriate points if activities are not completed.  We will need to discuss and take action on this plan before it is sent to the library’s board and director.  For additional information, I’ve also included the letter that will accompany the plan when it is sent to the library.

·         It’s also time for the mid-year budget.  Included in your packet is the budget and budget notes.  Unlike previous years, I have included all of the budget notes, rather than just the revised notes.  The revised notes are in bold.  While it takes a few more pieces of paper, I think it adds to the clarity of the mid-year budget.

The Budget and Personnel committees will be meeting prior to the board meeting to discuss and hopefully approve the revisions to the budget.

·         Most years, the resource contracts are approved as part of the budget in the Fall.  This year, because of the change in director, Madison Public Library asked if we could discuss and approve the contracts earlier in the year.  These contracts are included in the packet, and will be presented to the Budget and Personnel committees prior to our meeting on the 14th.

In addition, you have a press release about the value of the Summer Library Program (SLP) in your packet.  This piece is for your information, and a customized version was sent to each member library.  The SCLS staff is in the thick of preparing for SLP for 2011, and it’s nice to have this fantastic information to remind us of the value of this program.

Lastly, while you don’t have anything in your packet for this particular item, you will also be taking action on a recommendation from the Recruitment Committee for a new director of SCLS.  Sue Martin, the chair of the Recruitment Committee, will be making a presentation to you about the process and the committee’s recommendation.  The process so far has been terrific, with a number of strong candidates, and excellent participation from the committee members and SCLS staff.  Thanks to Sue and Gary for their work throughout the process, including three grueling days of interviews, and thanks to Maya for her participation in reviewing resumes and discussing candidates.

Looks like we’ll have plenty to talk about on the 14th….see you then!