System Director’s Report
September 2010


As this is my first Director’s Report for the SCLS Board, I thought an explanation of my style of reporting would be helpful.  My reports will be updates of issues and topics that are not covered elsewhere in the board packet.  I understand that in the past, this information would be presented verbally during the meeting.  I like to give as much advance notice of topics so the board members can ask questions during the meeting or move more quickly through the board meeting by reading the director’s report ahead.  Any last minute items will be covered verbally.


In their September 27 meeting, the Budget/Finance/Personnel Committee discussed in detail the 2011 SCLS budget and approved it for recommendation to the full board.  It is highly encouraged to read the enclosed budget documents and prepare your questions in advance since only a brief overview of the budget is scheduled to be part of the SCLS Board meeting.


 September 17th was the annual public library systems meeting.  It was held at SCLS.  All but one of the 17 system directors attended. The new Assistant State Superintendent, Kurt Kiefer, was introduced and spoke to the group.  The DPI budget submission was handed out.  LSTA applications for 2011 were reviewed. Requests for joining shared automated systems exceeded the amounted budgeted as well as requests for enhancing the use of technology.  SCLS applied for grants in these areas and may have to testify to the LSTA advisory committee to request a reallocation of the funds to cover these 2 categories.


I attended the system celebration where I felt warmly greeted.  120 people registered for the event which was the same attendance as last year but which was only half as many that attended in 2008.  To see photos of the event and a list of award winners visit


The ILS team will be receiving 47 development projects from PTFS/Liblime.  They will spend 2 weeks testing them.  The ILS team has testing teams set up among our members and SCLS staff.


I have been meeting with SCLS staff and members.  I attended a reception at the Middleton Public Library where I met Kurt Sonnentag , the Mayor of Middleton, Middleton Library board members, State Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts, and Pamela Westby, the Middleton Library Director.  I spent a day at Delivery and rode shotgun on an afternoon run.  I visited the Sequoya and Alicia Ashman branches of the Madison Public Library, Middleton Public Library and the Pleasant Company, which is a customer through the Link Express service.  I traveled to the central library of Madison Public Library to meet with Barb Dimick.  I spent an afternoon at the DeForest Public Library, where I was graciously hosted by Jan Berg. I have also visited the Hawthorne Branch of Madison Public Library and Sun Prairie Public Library.  I attended my first continuing education workshop. It was held at the Goodman Community Center and dealt with the topic of teen pregnancy and parenting.  I have received my Grade 1 Public Librarian certificate from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  It is valid for 5 years.


On September 17, SCLS Public Library Administration Consultant Cheryl Becker attended a conference organized by the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future (, and Wisconsin Voices ( on “Standing Up for Wisconsin Communities:  Why we Need Federal Aid—How to fight for it and Win!”  The goal of the event was to give community leaders background, and help us develop the knowledge and ability to “fight for federal aid to support the essential public structures upon which Wisconsin residents all rely.” 

More information is available at and  SCLS staff will be reviewing the ideas discussed at the conference.