Director’s Report

January 2011


On Wednesday, January 26, I sent an email to the members cancelling the February 13, 2011 Koha Go-Live Date.  It read in part “Today’s testing by SCLS of the delivered PTFS development resulted in unacceptable performance.  In particular, the holds are not functioning properly.  SCLS and PTFS are continuing to evaluate the development list.  We hope to be able to announce a viable, stable Go Live Date soon.”  Prior to the cancellation, Stef Morrill and I met with Andrew Clarkowski, the attorney who drew up the contract, to discuss our options with PTFS.  We have asked PTFS to cover the costs for SCLS to continue our contract with Sirsi/Dynix.  They are open to the idea and we are waiting to receive the new Sirsi/Dynix contract in writing before the final acceptance by PTFS.  The current Sirsi/Dynix agreement ends 2/28/2011.  The members are supportive of the decision.  Their main concern is to go live with a stable and functioning program.


Deb Haeffner and I drove to New Glarus to meet with their Director, Denise Anton Wright, and a board member to review a possible new location for the library.  The site is located next to the Swiss Center of North America. The site is being sold by the Swiss Center of North America.  The site has definite potential.  On that trip, Denise presented me with a check to start the New Glarus foundation through the SCLS Foundation.


As promised, we will be sending out a legislative packet for board members to review a few days before the board meeting.  It is not included in the usual board packet due to last minute information being inserted.  With the Koha delay and legislative day, we will reschedule Vicki Teal Lovely to speak to the board on the topic of Koha at a future time.   Another addition to this month’s agenda is the summary of the official visits SCLS staff made to our members.  Stef Morrill compiled all the answers given in the reports into a few short pages that you can read and we can talk about in the board meeting. 


I was able to visit and meet staff at Monona, McFarland, Stoughton and Cambridge libraries.  I also went to lunch with the Fitchburg Library Director.


Respectfully submitted,




Martha Van Pelt