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Outreach Ideas

It's important to promote your library and its programs through local media outlets, but focusing solely on these resources misses valuable opportunities in any community. The primary goal of any outreach effort is to get the word out about programs and resources, but it's also important to use these opportunities to create goodwill toward your library. This local support will serve your library in many different situations and will be well worth the effort you expend.

Here is a list of suggestions (outside the media) to promote your library, its programs, and the staff members and volunteers, and to remind all area residents of the valuable contribution the library makes to the community and the important role it plays.

Remember, there is no one right way to expand your outreach efforts. Therefore, what is right for you will probably be a mixture of ideas you gather over time and from various sources. Below are just ideas to get you thinking. You need to do what works for your library and community.


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