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What are you looking for?

Q -- “I need some recent articles on how the Internet is influencing marketing decisions and impacting sales patterns as they relate to consumer goods.”

A -- Use EBSCOHost's powerful "Advanced Search" to look for magazine and newspaper articles about marketing and sales trends. Books in eBooks on EBSCOhost or OverDrive (audiobooks) also may be useful.

Q -- “Do you have an online encyclopedia?”

A -- EBSCOHost includes the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia as one of its many databases. BadgerLink also provides access to Britannica Online (see list at right).

Q -- “I’m planning a class discussion on government emergency response and need current and authoritative information on Hurricane Katrina. Can you help?”

A -- Use EBSCOHost to search for magazine and newspaper articles on current issues. For longer analyses, books included in eBooks on EBSCOhost or OverDrive (audiobooks) may be useful.

Q -- “Can you help me find some research and anecdotal information by tomorrow about the Red Panda?”

A -- EBSCOHost has articles from many magazines, and may include newspaper articles on Red Pandas.

Q -- “I'm going to take the SAT and ACT and need some resources to help prepare. What are my best options?”

A -- LearningExpress Library is a test preparation website that offers comprehensive courses in math, reading and writing, and more than 300 online practice tests for students and adults of all ages.

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