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Enterprise Wireless - Info and Troubleshooting

What does the Access Point (AP) look like?

Front: Indicator light   Back: Plugs (Console, Ethernet, and 48VDC)
Access Point (front)  

Access Point (back)

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Access Point (AP) information and troubleshooting

Indicator Light

The access point indicator light's color and behavior can mean different things:


The access points have 2 possible types of power, depending on the configuration at the library.

Standard Power Cable (usually used when the AP sits on a shelf or desk)

    Access Point standard power cable
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    Power Injector (usually used when the AP is mounted to the ceiling)

    Back of AP Power injector (top) Power injector (front)
    Access Point - Power Injector Power Injector Power Injector - Front
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Other information about the Enterprise Wireless service


For more information about wireless, contact the Help Desk: (608) 242-4710.